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Crepe white and color Washi paper makes a fine appearance for Yuzen Designs
with the good feeling touch of texture and the feature of Crepe paper
keeps the crepe texture after pasting it with rice glue.
and suitable for box and book covering.

SIZE 655 x 980 mm

CK-5275 CK-4719
CK-4902 CK-4656

 About 360 kinds of designs are available in the various color crepe paper
Please inquire us of the item that we may offer you with samples

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For about 30 years' sales of Washi paper

President T. Sato P.O. Box Semba 6 Osaka, Japan 541-6691
Fax No.+81-6-6245-5748 Tel No.+81-6-6245-6428